Where is my Cat ?
Auteurs   Princesse Camcam (Auteur)
Editeur   ABC melody éditions
Lieu Edition   Paris
Année Edition   2018
Collation   15 stickers
Format   22 cm
indice Dewey   820
ISBN   978-2-36836-146-7
Prix   14 EUR
Langue Edition   anglais
Bibliotheque 1781600065840 G.B. 820 GAROJeune / Jeunesse
Résumé : This morning, Lola's cat has gone away... This is the start of a wonderful visit in search of Mistigri as the little Parisian girl sets out to find her beloved cat through the streets of Paris. While Lola asks neighbours and shop-keepers about her cat, children will discover varied and picturesque Paris spots, looking at beautiful monuments as they follow Lola's progress. Mistigri hides in each illustration, let's find him ! New edition with stickers inside !
Notes : La couv. porte en plus: "Free inside 15 stickers + MP3"